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Profile: Male, Voice Age 35+, Non-union

Howard Fields is a professional voiceover artist, business executive, consultant, co-founder, educator, digital literacy mentor, and podcaster. He has been involved in voice technology since 1994 when he launched IBM’s first commercial speech recognition software.

Howard is also a musician, vocalist, and recording engineer. His YouTube channel has garnered nearly 2 million views and led to an invitation to audition for Season 2 of The Voice.

What Howard’s clients appreciate most is his experience as a member of the audience they want to reach. As an experienced business executive, he helps clients deliver resonant messaging and education that conveys confidence, empathy, and trust. Howard is well-versed in technology jargon and trends, making him an ideal candidate for complex business, healthcare, science, and technology voiceovers. And, as an early adopter of digital audio production, he is a skillful and dependable resource for high-quality recordings.

Howard has studied under Susan Berkley, CEO of The Great Voice Company, and David Brower, a 5-time Voice Arts Awards nominee. He has applied their teachings in numerous projects including hosting the weekly Grey Swan Guild News Wrap on Clubhouse and as co-host of The OmniFuture podcast.

Most importantly, Howard is customer-led and has built his career on trusted, long-term relationships. He believes artists should check their egos at the door, embrace direction, and deliver as promised to ensure each performance meets or exceeds client needs. If this sounds like someone you’d like to work with, Howard would be delighted to voice your next project.

"I seek customers who value quality, speed, and long-term relationships. If this aligns with your needs, let’s seize this opportunity to work together."


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Capabilities Include:

Direction, Engineering, Music, Production, Voice Artistry

The Mind of An Executive,
The Ear of a Producer,
The Voice of An Artist

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